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February 28, 2020

Game On! Is Now OPEN!

We have great news! All three levels in Alludo, your gamified PD, are now open. You no longer need to accomplish a certain amount of points in order to open up higher levels. Now, you can move throughout the levels and complete any activity which best fits your learning needs. Game On! has a lot of great learning to offer, so please make sure you dive in to check out what is available. Additionally, be on the lookout for our March Madness Competition. Game On!

Matt Miller Provides Again!

Check out his article sharing 20 free Google Slides and Power Point themes for teachers. Each theme caters to a specific type of activity. You're going to love these!

Default Apps Added for iPads

If you are an iPad user, it would be good for you to know we have added 3 apps to the Default App List. These apps are Google Keep, Google Maps, and Jamboard. These are great apps, so please take some time to see how they can be useful in your teaching. 

Buncee and Wakelet Connect

Buncee and Wakelet are two great tools which can be used in education. They have worked together so you can now embed your Buncees into Wakelet. Remember, Wakelet is only to be used with students who are 13 years of age and older. Check out this blog post for more details!

Creating Your Seesaw Activities With The Cool Tools

Have you ever noticed when you search for different activities in Seesaw, almost all of them have these really cool icons embedded into the directions for the activity? Well, guess what? You can create your activities with those same embedded icons. Here are the directions for this process! Happy creating!