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March 1, 2021

Nearpod Midwest Elementary Webinar Series

Check out this great opportunity during our Spring Break if you would like to dig deeper into Nearpod and what it can do for you and your students. The following information was taken out of an email received from Nearpod.

Unlock the magic of Nearpod during our mini-webinar series designed exclusively for K-5 educators. The series runs from March 1-4, 2021, with a quick 30 minute webinar on each day beginning at 3:45pm (CST).

New to Nearpod
March 1, 2021
An introduction to Nearpod helping you kick-start your lessons

Activating Prior Knowledge
March 2, 2021
Master how to leverage what students already know in each lesson with these tips.

Making Real-World Connections
March 3, 2021
Utilize Virtual Reality & Media to connect classroom concepts with outside experiences.

Reflect on Learning with Exit Tickets
March 4, 2021
Learn to build exit tickets & formative assessments within Nearpod.

BrainPOP Webinar

On Monday, February 22nd, we hosted a BrainPOP Webinar facilitated by Robert Miller from BrainPOP. Below is the description and recording from the Webinar.

Description: In this interactive webinar, learn how BrainPOP is designed universally to meet the needs of learners at all tiers of instruction. You will build a better lesson that incorporates BrainPOP resources to build background knowledge and practice thinking skills that yield evidence of learning for assessment.


BONUS TIP: You might also appreciate BrainPOP 101. BrainPOP 101 is a self-guided professional development course for teachers to introduce the activities and features that accompany every BrainPOP topic video. It's short-it only takes about 20-30 min to complete and will lay the foundation for your work with students. You may also appreciate the BrainPOP Educators resource.

Updating Chrome

Often times, the Tech Department will receive communication regarding issues with Google Chrome use. Many of these occurrences can be resolved simply by making sure Chrome has been updated. Below are a couple of resources intended to assist our readers with updating or reinstalling the Google Chrome web browser.

Updating Google Chrome

Remove/Reinstall Google Chrome


Updating Zoom

Zoom is updating their software on almost a weekly basis. In order for you to keep things running smoothly with regards to how Zoom is performing, it is recommended you check for updates on a regular basis. Click the following resource to learn how to update Zoom.

Zoom Updates

Digital Tools How and Why Resource

Here is a great resource to use for learning the "how and why" of using a variety of different EdTech tools. This is an ongoing document, so make sure you bookmark it in order to refer back for possible updates.