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Employee to Employee

All employees of District 186 have district email accounts. With the use of these accounts comes expectations and guidelines:

  • District-related communication should be conducted using District email accounts, not personal email accounts.
  • Communication sent via a District email list should remain professional and include district-related business only.
  • Commercial or private advertising for commercial or profit-making gain without written authorization of the Superintendent is prohibited.
  • The file size limit for District email is 26.2 MB. If a larger file needs to be sent, consider using the District Inbox Messaging System.

  • Mac eMail
    eMail Signature

    It is a district expectation that all staff members, using email, have an email signature.

    Information that should be in your email signature:

    • Name

    • Position

    • Builidng(s) you serve

    • Address for home building

    • Phone number for home building

    Information that is not required, but can be added to your email signature:

    • Teacher webpage address

    • Classroom or professional social media handles or links

    • Professional accomplishments (NBCT, Apple Teacher, Google Certified Teacher etc.)

    Information that should NOT be in your email signature:

    • Qoutes, Slogans, Passages, or Phrases

    • Pictures

    • Gifs

    Mac Mail Markup

    Mac offers a markup tool within email. 

    iOS Email
    Adding teacher email to a teacher iPad

    Using your district email account on your teacher iPad creates a convenient workflow for sending and receiving messages and documents.

    Adding Teacher Email (iPad)
    Adding student email to student iPads

    Adding student district email accounts to the student iPads creates a convenient workflow for sending and receiving messages and documents.

    Adding Student Email (iPad)
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    Adding email signature to iOS device

    This will show you how to add the district required signature to iPhone or iPad email.  

    Adding Signature to iOS Device