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Who do I contact for technology problems or questions?

If you have a problem or question regarding the information system, email support@sps186.org or call 217-585-5808.
If you have a hardware or system issue with a device (laptop, printer, network connectivity, etc.), log into the information system and click on "Tech Repair Log" (menu option). Click on "Add a Tech Repair Request". Enter the tag number (if known), room #, and description of the problem. A technician will contact you in the near future.
For phone related questions or changes, email phonesupport@sps186.org or go to the phone site for support.

Elementary School Technology Building Support
BuildingTech TILTechnician
AddamsJill WolletTyler Strode
Black HawkBob HayesTyler Strode
ButlerJanel ComerfordCaleb Jones
DuboisJill Wollet (ISS Anchor)Tom Christell
ELCJanel ComerfordTyler Strode
EnosJanel ComerfordCJ Williams
FairviewJill WolletTech Staff
FeitshansBob HayesTech Staff
GrahamBob HayesTech Staff
Harvard ParkJill WolletCaleb Jones
Hazel DellBob HayesTavis Lawson
IlesBob HayesTom Christell
LaketownJanel ComerfordTavis Lawson
LeeJanel ComerfordCJ Williams
LindsayJill WolletTech Staff
MarshBob HayesTech Staff
Matheny-WithrowBob HayesTavis Lawson
McClernandJill WolletCaleb Jones
RidgelyJill WolletTech Staff
SandburgBob HayesTech Staff
Southern ViewJanel ComerfordCJ Williams
WilcoxJill Wollet (ISS Link)Tech Staff
Ball CharterMichael Kuhn
Scope/WanlessTech Staff
Middle School Technology Building Support
BuildingTech TILTechnician
FranklinCarrie KincaidTech Staff
GrantCarrie KincaidTavis Lawson
JeffersonCarrie KincaidCJ Williams
IlesBob HayesTom Christell
LincolnCarrie KincaidTom Christell
WashingtonCarrie KincaidTech Staff
High School / Alternative / Adult Ed Technology Building Support
BuildingTech TILTechnician
LanphierCarrie KincaidTyler Strode
SoutheastCarrie KincaidCaleb Jones
SpringfieldCarrie KincaidTom Christell
Douglas/PREPCarrie Kincaid (ISS Anchor)Tech Staff
Springfield Learning AcademyCarrie Kincaid (ISS Anchor)Tech Staff
Lawrence Education CenterCarrie KincaidCaleb Jones
Other Facilities
BuildingTech TILTechnician
Business Services (530)Michael Kuhn
Administrative Office (1900)Tom Christell
Instructional Resource CenterCaleb Jones