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Quizizz engages students in the following ways:
- Students enjoy the game based platform.
- The quizzes allow students to work at their own pace.
- As students enter the game they are assigned an avatar. Students enjoy seeing which avatar they get.
- Students receive immediate feedback on correct/incorrect responses.
- Settings can be adjusted to allow for points to be assigned for correct responses.

What is Quizizz?HandoutLink

Quizizz is a free online platform for conducting formative assessments. The questions appear on the students' devices which allows them to work at their own pace. Teachers can easily create their own quizzes or choose from thousands of public quizzes. Students access the quiz by going to join.quizizz.com and entering a 5 digit quiz code. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Quizizz does not have an app at the moment.