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Socrative Basics
What is "Socrative?"HandoutLink

Socrative is a student response assessment system. Socrative allows users to work from any device while they are connected to the internet. It allows them to see the responses of their classmates and interact with them in real time. With Socrative, teachers can also have students’ feedback on the lessons to see their effectiveness and improve if required. Additionally, they can create poll questions for their entire class and seek real-time responses by simply creating their own room to interact with a particular class. With polls, quizzes and reports available on the platform as well as on email, teachers can easily access and download the results directly from Socrative. One of the best features is the ‘Exit Ticket’. It’s a very nice feature teachers can use to extract students’ responses by asking questions like “what they learned through the day and what will be the topic for tomorrow” and hall all the tickets submitted online.