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What is "Pear Deck?"Link

Teachers create a presentation, or “Pear Deck,” in their Google Drive, or import a presentation from a .PDF or PowerPoint file using a variety of types of questions, including multiple choice, written response, and others.

Once a Pear Deck is built, teachers project a “presentation mode” in front of their students, and share the presentation with each student in the class. Every student uses an individual code to log in to the presentation and interact with it independent of other students.

When question slides display on the projector screen, students can answer the question individually on their devices, before the teacher reveals the answer, as well as the answers from all students, to the class. As the Pear Deck progresses, teachers can use a variety of classroom management tools (i.e. showing all student responses, locking student screens, etc.) to ensure high quality participation. Teachers can also use the “quick questions” feature to improvise a new question verbally and see student responses in real time.