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What is Edulastic?Link

Edulastic is a web-based formative assessment platform that helps teachers prepare and deliver effective Common Core curricula by simultaneously improving the assessment creation, assignment, and grading processes.
Edulastic helps educators achieve their Common Core curriculum objectives in several ways:

Edulastic provides 40+ interactive question types, and thousands of standards-aligned questions crafted by other teachers. Yet the platform can be used by any teacher, in any subject, to turn homework into a formative assessment. Teachers can craft assessments centered on the standards, or present any course concept they want students to master.


  • provides meaningful homework solutions and daily assessments for evaluating and supporting student mastery of Common Core standards.

  • Enables teachers to craft standards-aligned formative assessments with highly interactive, freeform questions defined by Smarter Balanced & PARCC.

  • Offers free curated content that includes thousands of standards-aligned questions crafted by other teachers.

  • Provides insights into student proficiency at an aggregate and individual level, enabling teachers to identify areas where a student needs personalized instruction, intervention or remediation.

  • Facilitates the adoption of benchmarked standardized assessments through a collaborative evaluation process that can be applied across districts and within broader learning communities.
  • Edulastic allows teachers to use day-to-day assessment insights to shape learning outcomes. By giving teachers a new level of pedagogical ownership, Edulastic uses homework and in-class assignments as the basis for continuous and comprehensive evaluations.


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