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Recommendations on 1 to 1 Programs

A new article on why 1 to 1 programs are receiving bad press, and what are the benefits of appropriate 1 to 1 programs in a K-12 environment.

Laptop Classroom

Early research supports the use of one-to-one computing. This study found that daily use of laptops greatly increased student confidence and technical abilities and improved their learning.

Getting Results with Laptops

Includes 12 tips for launching a wireless laptop program


Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow. This research still has relevance today.

Ubiquitous Computing

Great overview of what's been done. Includes profiles on Maine, Indiana, Michigan and Virginia.

Maine's One-to-One Laptop

Middle School teachers and students in a 1 to 1 laptop, 2004


The George Lucas Education Foundation

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

Marc Prensky's article from 2001

Growing Up Online

Includes teacher's guide and resources.

1-to-1 Stories Project

Classroom snapshots on all the stages in a 1-to-1 environment.

Science Leadership Academy

inquiry-driven, project-based 21st Century school with a 1:1 laptop program, started 2006

Laptop Program Documentation

A 1:1 in progress. Explore considering, conducting and continuing.

1:1 Teaching and Learning, What Works

There are Five Pillars to a Successful 1:1

Professional Development

A Computer Per Student

Research on success factors for a 1:1, January 2010

Technology and Transformation

Substitution to transformation, taking your technology use to the next level.

Curriculum Resources

Apple Learning Interchange

Clasroom activities for educators

Homework Helper

Find some great resources for your teacher webpage

Primary Sources Program

Use primary sources in the curriculum

MY Access

Web-based writing instructional tool

Algebra Video Game

Dimenxian, a game to teacher algebra concepts

No Strings Attached

Wireless laptops in education. Choose lesson examples


Online simulations for math and science


Turn your laptop into a planetarium.

Sample of International Web Projects

Great collection on project ideas including postcard geography, bullying project, global groceries.

Rubric Examples

From Recipes4Success

Thematic Pathfinders

4 2 Xplore, Great place to begin locating appropriate curriculum resources!

New York Public Library

Wonderful digital collections.

eMints Lessons

Database of content-rich resources organized around specific themes. These resources are created for educators to use in their classrooms.

Interdisciplinary Lessons

Creation of multimedia lessons integrates music into language arts, math and science

Lesson Plans

Quick overview of lessons that include technology and essential questions - not new, but some is very useful.

Technology Tools

Microsoft Lessons

Quick collection of lesson plans that use Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

Technology in the Classroom

Examples of iMovie, GarageBand and more.