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Space Place

NASA site with games, animations, projects and podcasts.

Stellarium Lessons


Teachers' Domain

Multimedia from NOVA, American Experience and other public television productions.

National Geographic for Kids

Features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links

National Science Digital Library

Includes a new K-6 science refresher section

Volcanoes of the World

The data presented in this section have been compiled by Smithsonian volcanologists over the past three decades

Stonehenge Project

Use Google Earth to research a new plan for Stonehenge.

EveryDay Mysteries

Fun science facts from the Library of Congress.


Interactive learning and it's free!


Elementary Space Science

Great collection of resources

At Home Astronomy

Ten hands-on astronomy experiments.


Examine earth from a new perspective. (atmosphere, ocean basins, surface temperature and much more!)

Astronomy Podcasts

Astronomy Podcasts



Multimedia Examples

High School Physics Photo Contest

This contest, held yearly, is great for a discussion on "why photos!"