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School Supply List 2019-2020

Required Contents:

- Good quality zip 3-ring binder

- 7 subject dividers OR folders

- Red/Advisory folder (provided by WMS)

- Zipper pouch to store supplies (3-hole punched)

- 2 or more pens

- 2 or more pencils

- Notebook paper or notebooks

- Earbuds (that stay in the binder/supply pouch)

- Agenda (must buy from the office - will be available for $5 at registration)

- 1 or more colored highlighters

- SSR book

Suggested Contents:

- Resealable plastic bag for SSR book

- Calculator

- Ruler

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DRESS CODE 2019-2020

- NAVY BLUE, BLACK or KHAKI (LIGHT TAN) color pants ONLY. No leggings , jeggings or denim of any kind.

- Solid Color polo-style shirts with no emblems (bigger than your thumb).

- Tying of the shirt and student writing on shirts are NOT permitted

- Solid colored shirts or tank tops may be worn under the polo

- Layering with any SOLID colored, CREW neck or V neck sweatshirt without buttons or zippers is permitted. As with the polo's, one emblem not bigger than your thumb.

- Crew neck Spirit shirts (With WMS logo) are permitted any day of the week and can NOT be modified in style or student writing.

- Jeans Day Attire: Jeans or WMS athletic gear MAY be worn on specified Jeans Day. No other non-district approved attire may be worn and all other SPS District 186 dress code rules apply.

- If you aren't sure, ask us before you buy!


Out of Uniform Day Attire:

For a more detailed description of acceptable wear for Out of Uniform apparel, please consult Springfield District 186’s websitehttp://www.sps186.org/about/policy/?p=22093


Students are not allowed to HAVE a cell phone in their possession during the school day.

Random Classroom Wandings/Searches

Please click here for more information.

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