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April 29th Announcements

April 29, 2019

  1. The attendance challenge continues for the month of April. The grade level that has the highest percentage of students in attendance will be provided a treat during lunch on Wednesday, May 1st. Each week students will have the opportunity to earn a prize by being in attendance for the week starting next week. If a student has perfect attendance for the week on Friday the student will be brought a prize (Prize Patrol).

  2. Reminder: Amplify Reading is after school in room 209 tonight.

  3. Congratulations to the 21 6th grade students who earned either free Burger King onion rings or french fries for getting an “A” on their Unit 6 Math test.  Please pick up your reward in the lobby immediately after the bell rings dismissing you to 6th grade lunch. Once again, please pick up your onion rings or french fries today in the lobby immediately after the bell rings for sixth grade lunch. Congratulations!!!

  4. Today’s Social Goal: I can communicate effectively with adults and peers. Students should be able to process and understand proper communication skills when talking with adults and peers during the school day.