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November 13th Announcements

November 13, 2019


  • It’s GLOW DANCE TIME!  This month’s PBIS incentive is for students to have ZERO office referrals starting tomorrow until Friday, December 13th.  If you keep up your good behavior, you can attend the annual GLOW DANCE. Lights will be off in the gym and only your “glow gear” will brighten up the room.  All glow gear is $1 each and you can buy as much as you want. Again… NO referrals until Friday, Dec. 13th in order to attend.

  • Students interested in healthcare careers, sign-ups for the Future Healthcare Warriors club will be outside the cafeteria during lunch tomorrow and Friday. The club will meet after school twice a month starting this coming monday, November 18 for hands-on activities related to healthcare like measuring blood pressure and testing vision as well as guest visits by healthcare professionals like nurses, veterinarians, optometrists and more!

  • Today’s Social Goal: I am aware of the time I need to prepare and get to class. I can be on time.