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August 20th Announcements

August 20, 2019

  • Reminders: Today, students, teachers will review classroom and school-wide expectations. Students are reminded to learn and follow expectations throughout the school day for a productive school year.

  • Students should be walking quietly in the hallway with voices at a level one. We are quiet to not disturb other classes that may be learning.

  • Students should walk orderly in the hall on the right side of the hall.

  • Students should not crowd at lockers.

  • Cellphones, earbuds, headphones should not be visible during the school day. If you are asked to put these items away, please do so politely.

  • No running in the halls and students please keep your hands, feet and hurtful words to yourself

  • This week’s social goal: I can learn school-wide and classroom expectations in order to have a productive school year.

  • Cross country try-outs start on Thursday and Friday this week.

  • You are invited to the Bridging the GAP BBQ on Saturday August 24th from 12pm-3pm. There will be food, music, games and loads of fun. Free Entry!