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Chromebook How To's
Connect to WifiHow To's-1-2
Log inHow To's-3
Add a UserHow To's-4-7
Remove a UserHow To's-8
Access CanvasHow To's-9
Access EmailHow To's-10
Access Google DriveHow To's-11
Switch between Canvas and ZoomHow To's-12
Intranet Directions for ParentsIntranet Directions for parents
How to clear the cache
How to- Clear Cache
Update a chromebook
How To- update chromebook
Canvas How To's
Use the Calendarhttps://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Video-Guide/Calendar-Students/ta-p/383519
Register Your Google Driveregister google drive
Set up Student Mobile AppHow To's - Google Slides-1
Insert Pictures in a Google FileHow To's - Google Slides-2-4
Submit work - Google Cloud AssignmentHow To's - Google Slides-5-7
Submit work - Text Entry BoxHow To's - Google Slides-8-9
Submit work - KamiHow To's - Google Slides-10-13
Submit work - Media RecordingHow To's - Google Slides-14-16
Check GradesHow To's - Google Slides-17-18
Open Missing Assignments from Gradeshttps://youtu.be/OQ1H3AzU4uY
View FeedbackHow to view feedback
Zoom How To's
Use ZoomHow To's-13
Switch Between Canvas and ZoomHow To's-12
Troubleshooting when all zoom links take you to the same zoom classHow to- Clear Cache