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Teacher Webpages

Nicole R Agans
Science Department Chair
Jane Anders
7th Grade REI Inclusion
Lisa Appenzeller
8th Grade Instructional Teacher
Melanie Barnes
Beginning and Intermediate Spanish
Melissa Beckler
Sixth-Grade Language Arts/Writing
Gina Bennett
4/5 Resource
Katie Bruning
7th Grade Math
Keith Bueltmann
7th Grade Instructional Teacher
Mrs. Courtney Campo
8th Grade Math
Pat Carpenter
7th grade Language Art
Glenda Cassens
6th Grade World History/History Chair
Emily Churchill
6th Grade Instructional Teacher
RoAnna Coons
8th Grade American History
Sherry Daniels- Library & Info Services/
8th Grade AVID/ Library & Info Services
Jeff Dworak
8th Grade Instructional Teacher
Austin Faires
Ashley Febus
Speech language pathologist
Kelly Fromm
6th and 7th Grade Science Teacher
Mrs. Gade
Title I Rdg./Reading Academy
Courtney Goss
BBSS Strategist
Andrea Guerrero, Ph.D., Ed.S.
Current Events Teacher
Ashley Hamrick
6-8 ED Teacher
Daniel Hartman
6th & 8th Grade Science, Advisory
Melissa Hostetter
7th Grade Language Arts
Amber House
6th Grade and Accelerated/Advanced Math
Mr. Hulett
Physical Education, Cross Country and Girls track
Jerrod Humphrey
Pre-Algebra and Special Education
Margaret Henske
8th Grade Writing Teacher at WMS
Curtis Ison
Choir/Band Teacher
Tina Kersting
Guidance Dean, Washington Middle School
Pamela Manning
School Social Worker
Caitlin Mccarthy
Academic Intervention/Language Arts
Danny Midiri
7th Grade Math
Mr. Chet Murr
6th Grade Math
Emily Nelson
Special Education (6th-8th)
Tammy Nevill Wiker
7th Grade Instructional
Jennifer Newton
6th and 8th grade History
Mrs. Kelly Nicholas
6th Grade Math / Math Department Chair
Stacey Norton
Speech-Language Pathologist
Kerry Peters
8th Grade REI
Valerie Prather
6th Grade Literature & Writing
Sara Rauch
6th Grade REI teacher
Charles Ruble
Physical Education and Head Boys Track Coach
Bridget Schaefer
7th & 8th Grade Math
Katie Schatz
7th Grade Language Arts
James Scheffers
8th Grade Inclusion Teacher
Lori Scheufele
6th Grade Student Support Services
Melissa Schmersahl
Cecelia J. Schurman
6th Grade Inclusion/Resource Teacher
Brandy Scott
Sixth Grade ELA -Washington Middle School
Sam Sevener
Melissa Sharrock
7th Grade R.E.I
Kristen Sowinski Langer
Visual Art Instructor
Allyson Strauch
8th Grade Language Arts, Washington Middle School
Leslie Termine-NBCT
4th Grade
Cristol Tiller
Jessica Unthank
8th Grade REI & Resource Teacher
Jen Wallner
AVID Coordinator & 6 - 8 AVID Teacher
Ashley Welch
Michelle Woods
Sixth grade special Education
Toni Wright
Math Academy/History