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5th Grade Research Reports

May 18, 2011

The 5th grade students in Mrs. Burton and Mr. Ruyle’s classes completed research projects this week about a famous person. The project began with choosing a person to research and then gathering information using books and the internet. The next step was to use the facts that were gathered to write a first draft of their essay. They used editing and proofreading skills to make their first draft ready for publishing. Each student then used a laptop to type their final draft and bibliography page. While the students were working on the written report at school, they were also completing an informational poster about their person at home. The last step of the biography project was to complete a keynote presentation about their person. The students used the information they had researched to create seven informational slides about their person. They also presented their slides to the class. The students did an excellent job with their projects! Please feel free to stop by the 5th grade hallway and check out our written reports, posters, and copies of keynotes.