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What is AVID?

What is AVID? It stands for Advancement via Individual Determination. It is a new venture for Wilcox in helping our students take ownership of their learning.  Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers (and soon-to-be 2nd grade as well) attended an AVID Summer Institute to be trained on how to make their classroom an AVID classroom. AVID helps teachers and students to embed “best practices” into every part of our learning day. We use WICOR strategies to enhance our learning – Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. That means there are certain things we do while we read, write, ask questions, and organize ourselves that help us to get that much more out of our school experience. These are tools that will help our students be successful at Wilcox, in middle and high school, and then on to college and/or into the workforce.

Check out the Slideshow to the right for a quick introduction to AVID!

See AVID in action!

Students participated in Philosophical Chairs around the central statement, "Schools should require uniforms for students."

Philosophical Chairs (WICOR)

May 7, 2019   5 photos
5th grade AVID students watched an AVID video on Philosophical Chairs & then decided to try it! They read articles that were FOR and AGAINST school uniforms.
5th grade student presentations on debatable/argumentative topics.

5th Grade Argumentative Issues & Presentations

April 16, 2019   6 photos
Wilcox 5th grade students worked together to research debatable issues and then present these topics to their class. As students were sitting in the audience and listening to the pros and cons of issues, the audience members then decided if the presentation changed their original opinions...

AVID Elementary One-Pager Reports - Black History Month

February 7, 2019   3 photos
Students used the Comic Life! app to create one page reports on their famous black American.
pictures of hallways and students using AVID

See what AVID at Wilcox looks like...

February 7, 2019   12 photos
AVID is present in our hallways and classrooms.  Students use AVID strategies to be successful learners.