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Cool tools are skills and behaviors that are taught to all children. We choose our Cool Tools by looking at our office discipline data, which shows what areas where we might need some extra support and reminding of our rules. These are taught to all students in the school.
Examples include: listening, showing respect, and solving problems peacefully. Students will be expected to practice learned tools in the classroom to create the best environment for learning.

Also, as part of our Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) students may be involved in a number of individualized behavior interventions. The first step would be Check In Check Out (CICO). CICO is where a student would meet briefly with an adult(s) in the morning to pick up a daily progress report, where they will be rated throughout the day on how they are being respectful to themselves, others and property throughout their school day. They may earn a smiley face worth 2 points, a straight face worth one point or a sad face worth no points. The student will then check out at the end of the school day with an adult and will bring home a daily progress report. We hope that students achieve at least at 80% on their point sheet.
A student could also be involved in social/academic instructional groups, mentoring or could receive a functional behavioral assessment based on the student's needs.