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Project SCOPE

2120 E. Reservoir Street
Phone: 217/525-3309
Fax: 217/535-2757

Spotlight on: Southern View SCOPE

Located: 3338 S. 5th St. in the Village of Southern View

Staff: Ms. Ahja (Lead) and Ms. Keja

Size: 11 children in the morning and 16 in the afternoon

Typical day at Southern View: Mornings are usually quiet with some of the students playing educational games on their iPad or computer. Afternoons begin with time for homework followed by play. During free time, SCOPERs play Wii games, create Tik Tok videos, play basketball and work with playdough and sensory sand. On Wednesdays, the students watch movies and eat popcorn or chips. At the end of each month, Ms. Ahja brings cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate all the students with birthdays that month. 

Favorite activites: Painting. This year Southern View SCOPERs have painted pumpkins and wooden animal stands, among other projects. 

Quote from Ms. Ahja: “The students keep the program unique because they are all different. They keep me on my toes. Most of all, we have a great bond.”

What is Project SCOPE?

We are a before and/or after school program that is located at each elementary school in District 186. 


There is limited capacity at each location. Students who register for SCOPE by noon on a Wednesday may start SCOPE the following Monday. 

To register:  Click on the blue link below, fill out the information on the Google form and submit it.


IMPORTANT:  Once our office receives the registration form, we will send you an EMAIL back to let you know if we have an opening or not for your child.  This email is very important because it will let you know whether or not we have an opening for your child and it will indicate the DATE that your child may start Project SCOPE!

Please make sure that you check your spam folder!

Project SCOPE is for students that are entering Kindergarten through 5th grade. Our morning care opens at 7am and our evening care closes at 6pm.

You may choose to do either AM only, PM only or Both.

AM Care is $35.00/week per child

PM Care is $40.00/week per child

Both AM and PM Care is $75.00/week per child

AM and Wednesday PM (every Wed. is a 1 hour early dismissal) is $43.00/week per child

Wednesday PM is $8.00/week per child (This is for Wednesdays only)



Finanical aid

Project SCOPE works with Community Connection Point for families that need assistance with their weekly fee. For more information on Community Connection Point (CCP), please call 525-2805 or click on the blue link which will take you to their web site. The web site will allow you to print an application if you are applying for financial assistance for the first time.  If you currently have CCCC and are changing providers, you will need to call CCCC to request a Change of Provider form.  Once you complete your information, please deliver your CCCC form to the white dropbox located at the SCOPE office, 2120 E. Reservoir.   This dropbox is located outside of our entrance and is locked, so you may drop your paperwork off after hours.  Our staff will complete our portion of the form and forward it to CCP.  


Year End Statements:  Please be reminded that Project SCOPE does not provide a year end statement for tax purposes.  If needed, we can duplicate the receipts that you have received for a charge of .50 cents per receipt and we ask that you allow two weeks for them to be located and copied.

Tax ID Number for taxes:  37-6004615