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Welcoming Rituals

Welcoming Rituals establish and help maintain positive relationships.

In the classroom, they may be part of a morning circle, a class meeting, or even as simple as smiling and greeting each student by name as they enter the classroom. But when teachers purposefully choose a Welcoming Ritual and connect it in some way to the learning of the day, it strengthens the curricular connections and the climate of the class. 

So if you're not already using this practice, have a go at using Welcoming Rituals in class, in professional development, and in your PLCs this year!

In the future, we plan to provide other examples of Welcoming Rituals for your reference. Please check back!


Organization and Credit

In the sections below, you will find several ideas for Welcoming Rituals grouped by grade level bands and for professional development sessions. Depending on how well your participants know one another, be thoughtful about what SEL skills you hope to grow among the group. 

And remember to gear it to the content of your lesson or professional development activity for an even greater impact.

References: Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Class Meeting Ring Book; SmartBrief


Welcoming Ritual Ideas



Professional Development