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Student Support Services - Our Mission

Margaret T. Thurman, Director

Student Support Services          Special Education ~ ELL ~ Nursing

Cathi Marshall
Administrative Assistant

Our mission is to provide support for the success of all students in District 186. Our district provides a continuum of services for students with disabilities from preschool, age three, through high school graduation. Specialized services are also provided for limited English proficient students, students with health needs, and students with social emotional needs. We hope our web site addresses many of your questions. However, if you are in need of additional information please call our office at 217-525-3060 for further assistance.

Remote Learning

Public Act 101-0012 of the 101st Illinois General Assembly allows local school districts to establish e-learning plans to address student learning in a remote environment.

District 186 aims to offer remote learning that will provide legitimate learning experiences and opportunities that will advance learning for each individual child. Some of the learning experiences for students with disabilities may happen in an e-learning structure, while other learning experiences will not. Students with disabilities served by District 186 will have remote learning plans that align with their IEP goals as determined by the child's IEP team.



District 186 will be working with families to hold telephone or virtual IEP meetings throughout the school closure, as practicable. Middle and High School Special Education Department Chairs and Elementary Special Education Case Managers will be contacting parents/guardians via phone calls and emails to discuss and schedule these meetings.

Learning Resources for Parent/Guardians

Continuing Education Resources (#keeplearning)

This link above provides valuable learning resources for parents/guardians of students with special needs and English Learners.

New Illinois Law: PA 101-0515

The District maintains related service log records that document the type of related services administered under a student’s individualized education program (IEP). The related service logs record the minutes of related services that have been administered. This notice is to inform parents and guardians of their ability to request copies of any IEP related service log records maintained for their child. Please direct any requests for a copy of the IEP related service records for your child to your child's building principal.