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ICCBD 7th Annual Summer Institute

July 18, 2017
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Punishment: The Skeleton in Our Closet - Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Hardman

Inappropriate behavior, noncompliance, and conflict can occur in even the most positive, well-managed classroom. This presentation will discuss when it is appropriate to use punishment, the types of punishment teachers may use, and how to use punishment effectively.

School-Based Interventions to Address the Mental Health Needs of Children and Youth - Presented by Dr. Richard Van Acker

It is estimated that one in five children in the typical general education classroom has a diagnosable mental health disorder. Over half of the people who will develop mental health disorders will show symptoms prior to age 14. Yet most educators and related services personnel have been provided little or no information related to children’s mental health. This presentation will discuss some of the common mental health disorders found in the school-age population and discuss effective approaches to engaging these students within the educational setting. Information will also be provided to assist in the effective management of their challenging behavior – including crisis behavior. Participants will become familiar with the concept of trauma informed care.

Principal’s 100 Club and CHAMPS - Presented by Michael Scaletta

Don't Sell Your Special Education Students Short When it Comes to Writing - Presented by Jan Williams

Registration for this event can be completed at  http://www.cec102.net/home.html or by sending registration form to: Michael Edwards, 32 Wienold Lane, Springfield, IL 62711. Make checks payable to ILCCBD.