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The transition team is a group of people who work with students and parents to help plan post secondary opportunities. They meet with students individually, attend IEP meetings during the later high school years and coordinate with local and state agencies to facilitate a successful transition from school.

The transition team also assists in finding competitive employment, training sites and other linkages through the Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP). STEP is a federally mandated and funded vocational program that requires school districts to prepare students with disabilities for transition to post-secondary employment, education, and community participation during and after high school. STEP is just one of many options to help a student with an IEP transition from school to post-secondary life.

Helpful websites:
O*Net OnLine
Career Cruising
Guideposts for Success
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Springfield Public Schools - Ink 186 is a vocational training program for students with disabilities. Ink 186 has been developed to increase and optimize these services for students with disabilities throughout Springfield Public Schools.

Students are printing, designing t-shirts and buttons and sublimating products in addition to learning independent living and vocational skills through a coordinated set of activities designed for both the students and their parent(s)/guardian(s). The program has approximately twenty student participants providing products within district schools and around Springfield.

We currently have over 15 different retail locations carrying products produced by students at Ink 186. Our goal within the next three to five years is to reach a minimum of fifty students per year within district boundaries, to provide additional vocational and workshop training opportunities, and to increase product sales throughout the Springfield community.

Ink 186 has facilitated a four-tiered collaboration with Primo Designs, Sparc, Springfield Public Schools and various other community businesses. These partnerships will allow students to make an easy transition into an adult service agency, education and/or employment while learning marketable skills along the way. The goal is simple, but the outcome will have lasting results for the students being served.

For more information or to contact the Ink 186 Program Coordinator regarding ordering products, please call (217) 793-2100 ext. 204 or email Rich Gillespie at SPSInk186@gmail.com.