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Captain Jake, the Neverland Pirates, and I are so excited to once again set sail for another voyage.Yo Ho, Let's Go Have An Amazing Year!
Yo Ho It’s Time To Go!

Captain Jake, the Neverland Pirates, and I are so excited for our upcoming voyage this school year. We cannot wait to catch up with our returning crew members and to see how much they have grown over the Summer. We look forward to all the new pirates joining us as well. Regardless of where you have sailed before, we hope that the start of our time together is filled with swashbuckling fun!  Yo Ho, Let's Go Have An Amazing School Year! And remember that you ARGGGGGGGGGGH all terrific pirates!

Yo Ho Ho! Do You Want To Join My Pirate Crew?

Your child will be joining Captain Jake's pirate crew at Lee School as he embarks on an incredible adventure in his educational journey. Check for the gold doubloons everyday - that means that your child was part of the team and made Lee School a better school just by the good choices that he has made throughout his day. Gold doubloons also gets your child closer to the Captain Jake's treasure chest, which is stocked full of awesome treasures.
Clipart taken from:http://disneyjunior.com/jake-and-the-never-land-pirates

Level 200 Challenge

News 4 days ago Yea! You made it all the way to Level 200! Let's see if you can do one last challenge before our time is done....

Level 135 Challenge

News May 22 Happy Last Friday of our school year together! And what a beautiful Spring morning it is....

Level 130 Challenge

News May 21 First, I must apnologize for not getting this challenge to you sooner....

Level 128 Challenge

News May 18 My challenge to you today was inspired by a friend's post this morning....

Level 127 Challenge

News May 15 My challenge to you today stems off of yesterday's read-aloud video of "Inch By Inch: The Garden Song"...

Level 125 Challenge

News May 14 All this rain looks pretty dreary for us, but it's doing wonderful things for nature....

Level 121 Challenge

News May 13 Oh how the wind does blow! We've been having some crazy weather days in May, and today is one of them....

Level 120 Challenge

News May 12 My challenge to you today is to participate in Talent Tuesday....

Performing Like Ella Fitzgerald!

Photos May 12 The students learned about Ella Fitzgerald during Black History Month in February. They learned that Ella Fitzgerald was a famous singer. The students had the opportunity to sing on the stage just

Level 117 Challenge

News May 11 My challenge to you today is to recall the read-aloud "Scribble" prior to listening to the read-aloud "...

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