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These are photos of students participating in a digital escape room.

MMMR Digital Escape Room

May 6, 2019
12 Photos
<p>And it begins...</p>

BreakOut EDU

Feb 17, 2017 At 1:1 iPad Training teachers participated in a Math BreakOut box!  We spent time collaborating to find the prize in the box!   *Reflection* Each participant was able to be a part of solving the clues.
6 Photos

Collaboration Cup Challenge

Sep 2, 2016
84 Photos

QR Code Expectations

Sep 2, 2016
26 Photos

Filling and Wrapping Review

Mar 21, 2016 The 7th grade math classes are finishing the Filling and Wrapping Unit with a QR Code Review! Students travel around the room with a partner completing review problems and making sure they have the correct answer using QR codes!
12 Photos

Circles Scavenger Hunt

Feb 8, 2016 Students partnered up to work through a scavenger hunt on area and circumference of circles word problems.
16 Photos

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