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What are German students up to?

November 23, 2020

Summary of the themes classes are working on during the second quarter:

German 135: What makes my family special? Describing family members and relatives! Students presented their families with terrific slide shows and their own created German sentences. 

German 235: Describing a normal school day, with morning routines, zoom classes, favorite subjects and teachers, and spare time activities. Special German expressions for order of events,and other time expressions that affect sentence structures are being used. 

German 336: Comparing music: from classical music to the current music scene in Germany. Students are giving reports and teaching their classmates about the content and expressions of the songs and the lives of the artists.

German 437: Students learn about and write argumentative or persuasive essays (for example: pro or cons for tattoos) and culture comparisons, and are being supported through College Board videos. 


October 2, 2020

Summary of the themes classes are working on since the beginning of the school year:


German 135 students are already able to introduce themselves in spoken and written German. They recorded and filmed themselves having dialogs on flipgrid.


German 235 just had an online test over descriptions of a variety of different people. Looks, emotions and characters were illustrated.


German 336 students researched German fairy-tales by the Grimm brothers, and wrote their own individual    fairy tales in the “ Präteritum” with sparkling characters, transformations and - of course - a happy ending.


German 437 AP students are doing college level work in applying their language skills to letters, emails and cultural presentations. College Board videos and quizzes are a regular part of this class.