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Sadly closed

I know there is alot going on at the moment with school cancelling but please feel free to email me anytime. I will be available via email.


Here is additional things that students can do. It is learning with a mix of fun activities. Click on 1-2 grade and it will give you a plethora of activites and lessons that students can do. 

Mystery Science

The students love this! It has a video lesson and a fun handson science activity for them to do.

downloadSorry for the delay

Lesson Plans Mar 25 I apologize that I have not been keeping this updated as much but here is a packet you can print off and pick and choose from for your students to do. 

downloadAfter the math test

Lesson Plans Mar 20 Aftr the math test we will be learning about measuring! If you want to to just get them started, give them a regular ruller and have them measure anything and everything. If you are going to do thi


Lesson Plans Mar 19 Hello families, I have assigned the math test to the students on the Pearson website. It may take a couple of tries to log in but it should work. When they get logged in they will either click on&n


Lesson Plans Mar 17 These are some fun writing prompts that are fun to do for March and April. The students can start with whatever day that they want. 


Lesson Plans Mar 17 Hello Parents/Guardians, I will be using the remind app to keep in touch with everyone. If you get a text message from an unkown person or if it says anything about downloading the Remind app, plea

Home based Learning

Lesson Plans Mar 16 This is through the district website. It has lessons and activities that are school based that students are also available to do as well.  There is also a log so you can write down the activit


Lesson Plans Mar 16 Please have your students read at least 20-30 min at night. Then please continue to fill out the reading log. 

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