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Parent Tips: How to help your child cope with worry

Apr 22, 2020 https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1990975/assignments/14859139

Create a Worry Jar

Apr 22, 2020 https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1990975/assignments/14857769

Worries Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick (read by Mrs. Green)

Apr 22, 2020 https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1990975/assignments/14855719

The Power of YET!

Apr 17, 2020 "I can't do it!"   "It's too hard!"  "I never do anything right!" Have you ever heard that from your child before?  If so, they need to know the POWER of YET!  In order for us to learn new skills, we must try our best and keep going even when we mess up.  This Sesame Street song with Janelle Monae encourages kids to persevere.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLeUvZvuvAs&feature=youtu.be

Flashlight Focus

Apr 16, 2020 Focusing Attention    Parents, an important part of focusing is recognizing when unwanted thoughts or distractions take your attention away from what you should be doing.   It’s normal for our focus to drift and for too many thoughts to entire our minds.  With practice, we can notice our focus drifting a bring our attention back to the task at hand.     Focusing our attention can help us in so many ways. READ MORE

Circle of Control

Mar 31, 2020 Have you ever had difficulty sleeping at night because you can't stop thinking about things that are causing you stress?     Do you ever blame others for your behavior or actions?     Do you experience so much stress that it causes you to feel angry or anxious?     It's very hard to be in challenging situations where you have little to no control. READ MORE

New Social Skills Videos & Games

Mar 31, 2020 I've attached a link for students to engage in some social/emotional learning through online games and social skill videos.  You will find emotion identification, perspective-taking, and communication videos and games for your kids to do at home.  These go along with our SEL standards.    https://slp.everydayspeech.com/saved-lists/H3yIPcBqu0

Technology Distribution Schedule: Enos

Mar 30, 2020 We now have technology available for families who need a device for home-based learning. Enos will be open on Thursday, April 2, 2020  from 9-11a.m..  Please drive up to pick up your device in the bus lane. We will use the old school entrance, by the bike rack for distribution. You will need to sign a form to accept the device. You must bring a valid Picture I.D. It would help if you would bring your own pen to use during process. READ MORE

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