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Master Facilities Planning Information

Summer Engagement Information

Newsletter May 27 Greetings JMS parents and students, For those students who recieved an incomplete in any of my courses, I am leaving a few of the Canvas modules up in order for you to do them. In order t

Remote Learning information

Newsletter Apr 17 Welcome back from spring break, JMS! I hope it was restful and enjoyable. When it comes to schooling we will be entering remote learning, and I will be using Canvas as well as Carolina Science

Class for the rest of the year

Newsletter Apr 13 Greetings 6th and 7th graders! From now on class will be held on our "Canvas" page! I will keep all of this stuff here in case you would like to come back to it, but please go to Canvas f

April 3rd - 6th AND 7th grade activity

Lesson Plans Apr 3 Happy Friday JMS science! Since today is the Friday before District 186 observes spring break I figured the 6th graders would take a break from the sun, and the 7th graders would take a break from

April 2nd - 7th grade activity

Lesson Plans Apr 2 Happy Thursday 7th graders! Today we will be finishing with the passive transport BrainPOP. I would like you to watch the video again, and then take the quiz to see how you do! After the quiz,

April 2nd - 6th grade LAB continued

Lesson Plans Apr 2 Happy Thursday 6th graders! Yesterday you explored the NOVA lab a little bit to learn about the solar cycle and about predicting future storms. Today I am asking you to go into the third section ca

April 1st - 7th Grade Activity

Lesson Plans Apr 1 Happy April fools day 7th graders! Today I am going to ask that you all work through a Passive Transport BrainPOP. All I would like you to do today is watch the video, do the vocabulary section, an

April 1st - 6th grade sun LAB

Lesson Plans Apr 1 Good morning 6th grade parents and students, today we will be doing our lab which will be worth 100 points.....April Fools! Happy April 1st, we will be doing our PBS NOVA virtual lab today but

March 31st - 7th grade activity

Lesson Plans Mar 31 Happy Tuesday 7th graders! Today I would like you to go back to that BrainPOP page from yesterday. You should see the option for a quiz...please take both the review and the graded (although it is

6th grade pre-lab continued

Lesson Plans Mar 31 Good morning JMS 6th graders! Today we will be continuing our virtual pre-lab with a series of NOVA videos and questions about the sun. I have attached the link to the "Sun 101" videos. W

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