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Aug 30, 2020 Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year! I am going to be on maternity leave beginning very soon, but will have Mr. Sutera as my substitute during my absence. He will have access to student grades, my webpages, and any other needs parents or students will have during this first quarter. Email is the best way to contact me, and I will respond until I begin my maternity leave. I have included both of our emails below, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. READ MORE


Sep 10, 2019 Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at SHS. I am excited to learn with all the students, both new and old. If you have questions, please use my email as that is the best way to contact me. 

Weekly Vocabulary

Sep 9, 2018 Each week, we will go over five new words and definitions that the students will be responsible to remember for a quiz on the Friday of that week. These words do build on each other and the amount of words students are tested over will increase each week. I have posted my presentation of the words we have done so far and will continue to do this throughout the year. Please encourage your child to study these words. READ MORE


Sep 9, 2015 We are beginning to read a portion of Beowulf in my classes. We will be reading and discussing each section together. There will also be several other activities involving KWL, character breakdown, comprehension questions, and various other activities to check for student understanding. As always, please encourage students to ask questions if they are unsure.

Signed Classroom Management Plans

Aug 26, 2015 I sent home a copy of my classroom management plan with each of the students. It would be great if each of the parents could look over the behavior plan and sign the document. Students will receive a grade for bringing back the management plan signed by the parent. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Speech t- shirts

Dec 7, 2012 The current chapter in our speech class focuses on understanding yourself and how that may affect your communication skills. To help students better define themselves, they had to come up with an adjective to describe themselves for each letter of their name. Once they did this, the students got to put their name and descriptive adjectives on a t- shirt. The picture of our t shirts should be visible on the website

New Way to Find Lesson Plans

Jan 9, 2012 Springfield High has introduced a new and easier way to find lesson plans online. Instead of having to navigate to multiple teacher websites and trudging through different formats you can find all assignments in one place. First, log into the Springfield Public Schools Intranet, just as if you were going to check grades. Click on the link to your "Cumulative Folder" found on the left hand column of your site. READ MORE


Nov 21, 2011 We have started reading Macbeth in class. It is a tougher piece, but we will be reading it a couple of times to make sure we all understand. We will also be studying the theme of guilt and how it affects the outcome of the play.

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