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CNN Student News Link

Each morning, during Advisory Period, watch CNN Student News!  This is a great learning tool for you to learn of national and global events.

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Make-Up / Late Work

Your assignments are given to you on Tuesday.  All work should be completed by Friday at 10:00 p.m. 

If your work is late - for any credit - it must be submitted by 2:00 on the following Monday (asychronous day).

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Student of the Month

Way to go, Rebecca S!  She was selected as my student of the month and I am so excited for her.  She is doing a great job in writing class and is really participating and engaged in class.  I like her energy and the different insight that she brings to the classroom.  Keep working hard!


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Student of the Month

Congratulations to Claire S. for being selected my student of the month.  She is in my AP and in my 5th hour class. She works really hard and is an exceptional writer.  I love reading her work.

Way to go, Claire! I am very proud of you!


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Screenshot Directions

Use these directions to screen shot assignments for me.

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Screenshot Options
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World News

A middle school version of updated world news.

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Student of the Month - January

Congratulations to Brody S. for being selected as my January - Student of the Month!  You always work very hard and want to do a good job.  You communicate with me, participate, and get all of your assignments turned in when due.  I appreciate your work ethic and desire to do a good job in writing class.

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December Student of the Month

Congratulations - Mariah!!!  I am so proud of your efforts in class and you have been consistently a hard working student. I know remote is different for everyone, but you have really taken on this challenge and excelled.  I appreciate your independence and enthusiam for class.  Way to go!!!

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Nov. Student of the Month - Abby M.

Congratulations to Abby M. for being selected my student of the month. She is such a hard worker and really wants to do well in class. She goes the extra mile to make sure that she is on top of her assignments and work.  She always participates and makes 6th hour even more special with her smile and positive energy.  Way to go, Abby!!!

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Student of the Month

Kudos to Marc N. for being selected my Student of the Month!! Marc has been outstanding during this remote learning experience and I absolutely love his enthusiasm.  He is so kind and hard working.  I really enjoy working with him and he makes me smile every day!!!  Congratulations!!!!!

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Student of the Month

Congratulations to Amy N. for being selected as my Student of the Month! She is always so helpful and kind and stood out right away when the school year started.  I really appreciate her hard work and desire to do a good job!!!

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Email Etiquette

Proper Email Etiquette:

Subject line -One word

Greeting -Hello

Body -Give your explanation

Closing - Thank you

Signature -Your name and hour

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Ecards/Lincoln Library

For those of you who would like to access Lincoln Library...follow the directions in the attached document.



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Our classroom is in need of ink for the classroom printer.  

HP 61 - Black

HP 61 - Tri-Color

We want FMS students to become Readers for Life!

Lexile Band

This band will give you an idea as to the reading range of each book. It is NOT a grade level range.

There are currently no items in this feed.