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**We believe the library is the central “heart” of the school community and all patrons should have access to resources including students, teachers, administration and support staff.

**We believe the library serves dual purposes: providing resources for reading pleasure and providing resources for learning and information gathering. **We believe that students should have access to library resources throughout the school day. Including, laptops, iPads, books, ebooks and databases **We believe the library must be continually upgraded and maintained to support a facilitating role.

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Jefferson Library Policies

BEFORE SCHOOL: Students may come to the library after they are let inside the building during the morning. You won't have much time to look for books. You will get a tardy if you are late for class.

DURING THE SCHOOL DAY: During the school day, students must have a pass from their teacher to go to the LIBRARY. When entering the library, timestamp your pass and sign in. Upon leaving the library, timestamp your pass again and then sign out.

AFTER SCHOOL: Students can go to the library IF YOU DON'T RIDE A BUS. Time limit is five minutes. 

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Research Skills Feb 14 This PowerPoint illustrates how to evaluate websites using the CARS method.

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