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African Nkorho Bush Lodge

You may just see a lion or a girrafe.  Waiting for the animals to come to the water may not be that exciting but when one of the animals does come, you will be entertained!

Grace Gorilla Forest Corridor Cam

Watch the gorillas in a natural habitat setting.  These animals are so interesting to observe.

Web Cam for Zoo Atlanta's Panda Cam

Watch the Pandas at the zoo-live. (At times, the camaras may not be turned on.  Check back if this happens.)

Language Arts Fun

Awesome Stories

This is a great site to read or listen to the narration of a story.

Order in the Library

Play this game to help improve your library book location skills and at the same time, sharpen up on your alhabetizing.


50 Brain Breaks from Common Sense Media

Try these Brain Breaks for fun!

Write Now!

Read and Pause

Successful readers pause to think about what they have read.  Grab some paper and a pen or pencil and jot down some notes the next time you read!

April is National Poetry Month

Click the heading to see a short video of how to write Blackout Poetry.  If you were at school during these next few weeks, we would be gearing up to do our annual Blackout Poetry activity during Library class.  Using old magazine pages or old damaged book pages, I would have you circle words or phases that, when you read them out loud, they create a poem.  You can do the same at home.  Find an old magazine and circl words to create a poem.