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Writing Skills


Cool site that shows relationships between words: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

Edsitement Literary Glossary

Need a good definition of alliteration or imagery? This is a glossary site for literary terms. Easy to use.

Taking Notes

Cornell Notes

Learn how to take notes the Cornell way. (Template offered)

Pictures for Teachers

Pics 4 Learning

If you need a photo of animals, food, education, space or countries, by grade level, check out this site!

Black History Month

National Geographic for Kids-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This site has pictures of Dr. King and biographical information too, including his home in Georgia, his family, making speeches, etc. It is probably most appropriate for students in 4th and 5h grade.

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

ALA / Great Web Sites for Kids

This is a "safe" website for research. It is produced by the American Library Association. Kids can pick from a list of famous people. Age ranges are indicated for each person on the list.

Book Lists

Great Reads For Boys

This site is a great source for book suggestions for boys (listed by age range)




Ben's Guide to Government for Kids: K-12 Kid friendly

I really like this site; it is designed for kids. The Constitution is explained in simple terms. It is intended for kids grades K-12.



Center for Civil Education :Lessons for Constitution Day - .pdf files for (K, 1-2, 3-4)

This site contains lesson plans for students starting in Kindergarten and up. The K-3 grade lessons are about authority and what it means.

Constitution Day 2017 at Constitution Facts.com

This website is meant to inform you as a teacher about the Constitution. Included is the mandate that requires you to teach about the Constitution. It does offer a Constitution treasure hunt and an interactive quiz .

Shh! We're Writing the Constitution

This is the online version of the book, "Shh..We're Writing the Constitution" that is read aloud.

The Constitution

This is a great site for kids of all ages to learn about the Constitution.



The First Amendment (Grades 3-5)

The First Amendment: What's Fair in a Free Country

This is a lesson plan for teaching about the First Amendment.



The Preamble to the Constitution: How Do You Make a More Perfect Union (Grades 3-5)

This is a lesson plan about the Constitution.

English As A Second Language (ESL)

Communicating Cross-Culturally: What Every Teacher Should Know

This is a journal article explaining how to communicate with ESL students.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photo of Dr. Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Jr. Biography

The official site for the Noble Peach Prize is a great resource for information pertaining to Dr. Martin Luther King.


Photo of Indian
Tribal Indians

Use this website to learn more about Indians.

Myths, Fables, Legends and Fairy Tales, Tall Tales

Encyclopedia Mythica

This site lists myths by region: The Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and Oceana

The British Museum

This site provides information about specific gods and goddesses such as symbols, objects, places, and festivals associated with the god or goddess.

Photo of Myth sign
Timeless Myths

This site is a good source of classic mythology.

Myths and Legends

This site has many myths and legends from the past. It is handy that it lists the dates the myth or legend was known to be written. Many of the stories give the reader the option to hear the story being read.

Stories for Children, Folktales, Fairy Tales and Fables

Many choices on this page. There are stories from all over the world. Note: Google ads are blocked on this page but not the rest of the content.

Aesop's Fables

You can pick from many fables on this site.

The BIG Myth

This is a website where you can choose a region in which you would like to listen to a myth. You have access to questions that go along with the story. You can also access a page about the background of the country, definitions and a cultural study of the region you select.

Windows to the Universe

This site offers information about mythology. You can pull up stories based on the moon, the sun, the stars,etc. It offers a lot of information and it is interesting to navigate through the site.

Myths from Around the World by Scholastic

This website includes short myths from around the world. You pick the part of the world you would like.

Photo of Paul Bunyon
American Tall Tales

I like this site because it gives a short synopsis of the more traditional tall tales such as, Pecos Bill. It has a short quiz at the end of each synopsis.

Famous American Folktales and Stories

This site offers a large variety of folktales and stories. Good for students of any age.

Myths and Fables from Around the World

Use this site to enhance your lessons on myths. It give students several options of myths and fables to choose from and they read them.

Tall Tales

This site is a great resource for teaching tall tales. There are many links for you to choose from as well as tall tale web quests.


How To Write Your Own Pourquoi

Use this PDF template to have your students write their own tales.

Pourquoi Story Bibliography

If you click on this link, you will have a list of pourquoi stories.

Nancy Keane's Book Lists

This is an excellent site that will guide you to a great list of books suggested by genre type.

Cool Classroom Websites

Mrs. Renz's Fourth Grade Class

This is a fun website for teachers, especially fourth grade teachers, to browse. Mrs. Renz has a lot of fun ideas that you have perhaps not thought of before.

Facts About The States



The States

I like this site for students. It includes videos, historical maps, games and so much more.

Groundhog Day

Photo of groundhog
Activity Village

This site contains suggestions for craft projects and printables to use for Groundhog Day.

Ideas for Primary Grades

Carl's Corner

Carl’s Corner is a site that gives primary teachers many classroom ideas about centers, games, poetry, etc. Also included on the site are classroom labels for centers.


Fizzy Funny Fuzzy

Want to hear a poem read? Do you want to get ideas about writing poetry? This teacher and kid-friendly site is a good source of information for kids and teachers.



Jack Prelutsky

This is a bright and colorful website for kids. Kids can read poetry by Jack Prelutsky on this site and become inspired to write a poem on their own.

Poetry for Kids

Help students understand the components of various types of poetry.



Shel Silverstein

Visit Shel Silverstein's website for kids. You'll find ideas for teachers, games, and downloads.


Photo of Presidents
President's Day

This site was designed by primary students at Sheila A. Simmons Penryn Elementary School. It features both Lincoln and Washington. Photographs provide good visuals for younger students. It also lists books appropriate for younger students pertaining to both presidents as well as activities for kids.

Presidents' Day

This site give information about both Lincoln and Washington that is appropriate for 3rd through 5th. Activities and recipes are included as well as printables.

So You Want to be President?

This is an online reading of the book, "So You Want to be President?" from TeacherTube.

Reading Workshop Resources

Photo of books

If you want your students to keep a book list of books they have read, books they want to read and books they are reading, this is a great website!

35 Sources for Curated Educational Videos

This is a great site for trustworthy videos to use in your language arts classroom.

Reading Help

Fun Brain

This is a kid-friendly site which has all sorts of fun activities for students.

Teaching Similes with Children's Books

A list of great books for helping you teach similes to students is included on this webpage.

Sparkle Box

You can find many free teaching resources on this page. It is a great source to browse for classroom ideas because there are many bright photos to view.





This site has teachers in mind. You can find lesson plans, video learning clips, posters, bookmarks, etc to help enrich your instruction.

Sources for Biography Papers

Famous People from Illinois

If you are looking for information on famous people from Illinois, then look here. Great source for writing biography papers.

Photo of Illinois
Figures in Illinois History

This website is also about famous folks from Illinois.

Winter Olympics for Kids

Photo of Olympic symbol
Activity Village

This site contains various activities and printables that relate to the Winter Olympic Games starting on February 12, 2010. This web page comes from the official Winter Olympic Games web site.