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Winter Writing

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I hope that you have no trouble getting up in the morning. I think I will try to go to bed early. See you tomorrow!

This is my 3D Winnie-the-Pooh puzzle.


I hope the days get longer soon. I do not like getting up in the dark!


Did you make a resolution to write every day over our winter break?



Have you been reading?



Ms. Lueking gave me 2 grapefruits yesterday. I cut one in half and ate it for breakfast this morning. I also got the other half ready for tomorrow. Yum!


clipart from http://www.clker.com/

Vegetable List

How many vegetables can you name? Now I feel like I should make vegetable soup!




I was having a hard time deciding what to write about today. Sometimes it is hard work, but don't give up. Keep writing!


I worked on this poem for quite a while. I ended up with 5 syllables in each line and some rhyming words!


Today I needed more room to write, so I taped more notebook paper to the bottom of the page. I just fold it up inside when I am not looking at this page.

If you click on the picture, it will enlarge making it easier to read.

I'm sorry that it is not the best picture. It is too dark in my house for a good photo.

Math Stories

Yesterday I made some toffee with crackers. The crackers made an array so today I wrote some math stories for my winter writing book. Can you solve my stories?

P.S. Happy Christmas Eve!

Here is a photo to help with the first story.

Raining poem - December 23

When I was looking for information about acrostic poems, I found this site that talks about putting the word at the end of the lines instead of at the beginning. (Do you see raining at the ends of my lines?) I think it is MUCH harder. It is certainly a challenge if you want to give it a try! I used PicCollage to write this poem. It made it easy to line up the last letter in every line.

Making Lists!

It seems like I have lists EVERYWHERE for EVERYTHING right now. There are many things to do in December! I hope you have a list of books that you are reading. Do you have any more lists?


Today I had a scrambled egg for breakfast. It made me think about eggs and different ways that they are important.

I hope you are still writing. If you forgot to write over the weekend, today is a good day to start again!


I started brainstorming about the color green, but ended up writing an acrostic poem about December. I also brainstormed some e words since December has 3 lines that begin with an e. Learn more about writing acrostic poems here.

It's a Hawk!

It's a good idea to set a time to write every day. I usually write right after breakfast. This morning I wrote about seeing a hawk in my back yard. If you want to read more about hawks, try http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar248760&st=hawk#tab=homepage.

Sugar Cookies

I began by writing about sugar cookies. Yum!