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Winter Writing

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I managed to write every day over break - and even today when I went back to work. How many days did you remember to write? Bring your winter writing notebook back to school tomorrow.

Have you been filling the whole page with writing? I hope you have been writing a LOT!

Here is another 2 page small moment about lunch at a restaurant.

I needed more room for this sweet small moment, so I added more notebook paper. I can fold it up so I can still close the book.

You never know where you might find a small moment to write about. This one came from a trip to the car wash!

Today I wrote a number poem. Do you remember how to write a number poem? Pick a number. Brainstorm everything you can about it. Write your poem.

I'm glad that the sun is shining today. You know many science facts about space. You could write about the planets, the moon or the stars.

Here is another acrostic poem inspired by all the snow that fell Saturday and Sunday.

Today I was looking for some writing inspiration so I checked our Writing Ideas link. On the Daily Writing Prompts for December 28 I found a challenge to write facts about the state of Iowa. I used this cool page on the Internet to learn some new facts about Iowa. You might want to learn some facts about our state of Illinois or another state.

The ham was pretty good, but Mr. Sylvester's ham is still better. I think that I need more practice.

The poem at the top of this page is an Acrostic. Write the name of your topic down the side of your paper using capital letters. Then use each beginning letter as the start of your thought. This web site, http://www.readwritethink.org/Materials/ACROSTIC/, will help you to make an Acrostic poem.

Happy Monday! This morning I was sitting in my living room and saw many white things so I decided to write my White poem. Can you find any ideas for writing in your bedroom, kitchen or living room?

Have you written a 5 Senses poem yet?

Today my memory writing was longer than one page. In fact it was longer than two! I just used two pages. Remember you can do that twice before you need to add more paper.

Note: It is always good to check book titles when you are recording them. The actual name of Cornelia Funke's book is When Santa Fell to Earth. I finished reading it last night and really enjoyed the different twist on the story of Santa Claus.

Oops! Today I didn't have time to write at school and I didn't take my Winter Writing Notebook home with me. Did I let that stop me from writing? No. I found another piece of paper and wrote my entry for today. Later, I taped my writing into the notebook

Today we looked at Color Poems at school. It is fine to brainstorm a web, but that should not be your only writing for the day. Remember to add lots of details. My details are in orange on the whiteboard.

Here is my Yellow Color Poem. Notice how I drew a little web at the top and still had room for my poem. Look for the details. Can you think of more yellow things?

What should you do if you run out of room? I wrote on the side of my paper today.

Here is my first paragraph. It is all about a special dessert. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

My winter writing mini-notebook is ready for all my winter break thoughts!