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Winter Writing

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Did you write every day? I went to work today, but I still took some time to write in my winter writing book. My writing is about a small moment. Remember to bring your book to school tomorrow!


How is your writing stamina? Have you written every day? There is one more day left. Remember to bring your winter writing book back to school on Tuesday. I can't wait to read your writing!

Here is another Acrostic poem. See my writing from yesterday for a website that will help you to write this kind of poem.


I made this poem on the ReadWriteThink website.

Today I wrote an Acrostic poem. Write the name of your topic down the side of your paper using capital letters. Then use each beginning letter as the start of your thought. This web site,http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/acrostic/ , will help you to make an Acrostic poem.

Did you write any resolutions this year? We will be writing goals for school soon. Start thinking about what you need to work on. I am certainly thinking about what we need to do to learn all that we can!


Today's writing is a list of things that make me happy. Notice how I also told why these things are making me happy today. It took 2 pages for me to record all 5 things!

I wrote a number poem. Do you remember these? First, I used a web to brainstorm about the number 6. Then I wrote my poem.


Here are the 3 books from my story!

I wrote a math story problem about my trip to the bookstore. I also wrote an answer but covered it with a flap of paper. This way you can try to solve my story.

You can read more about Boxing Day athttp://holidays.kaboose.com/xmas-around-boxingday.html. Beware of advertisements.


I'm still writing. Are you?

Always be on the lookout for writing ideas. You never know when you might see something surprising. Scroll down for a picture of the visiting squirrel.

Today I wrote about a trip to the movie theater.


Do you send or receive holiday cards at your house?

Do you have a holiday memory? Try writing about it!


I needed more paper for this Christmas memory. I used another piece of notebook paper and trimmed it to fit when I was done writing. I attached it to the original page with 3 pieces of tape. It will fold up to fit inside the book when I am not reading it.

The State Journal Register challenged students to write a cold poem a few weeks ago. Here is my 5 Senses poem about cold.

Today I found a surprise from the mailman.

Here is a picture of my surprise.

Today was a busy day at school with math, reading, a spelling test, a word wall quiz, a vocabulary quiz, music and a winter party, but we still did some quick writing in our winter notebooks. Today I wrote about our snack.

Today, I wrote a poem about the color green. My tiny brainstorming web is at the top of the page.

Today I wrote about our winter assembly. I ran out of room and had to write on the side.

Here is my winter writing mini notebook where I will collect all my stories, poems, memories and ideas during winter break.