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Winter Writing

3600 Fielding Drive
Springfield, IL 62711

You can write about an adventure that you have during winter break. Maybe it will snow!

You can write a story about making something or baking something.

You can write a poem about your 5 senses.

You can write about playing a game or a sport.

You can write about eating at a restaurant.

You can write about decorating your Christmas tree.

You can write about the many special things that happen during winter break. This writing sounds like a poem!

You can write about holiday baking. I hope I get to eat some cookies during the winter break.

You could write about something sad that happened.

You could make a Christmas list. Make sure you tell why you want each thing. Try to convince someone that you need it.

You could write about a trip to see a movie.

You could write a color poem. Remember to add great details.