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This picture came from Tomie dePaola's web site. You might want to look at his other books here.


Jan. 6 - Strega Nona's Gift Opinion Writing

Brrr!!! It is cold outside. I hope you are staying in and staying warm. We do not have school today but you should keep writing (and maybe read a good book and practice a few math facts too!). Today, I wrote an opinion about a book like we practiced last quarter. You might want to do this too.

I also needed to add more paper today. I found some notebook paper and cut it to be the right size. You can use any kind of paper even the back of an old school paper. Keep writing!

Oops! The picture cut off the very end of my writing. It says: Look for this book in our classroom or in the library soon.

Jan. 5 - Five Poem

Today I wrote a poem about the number five because it is the fifth day of January. I brainstormed lots of ideas about 5 on the side first. Have you written a number poem yet? Did you notice how it does not need to rhyme?

Jan. 4 - I Like Pizza Poem

Today I wrote an I Like poem. I used a frame to write a poem about pizza. I was thinking about pizza because I had pizza for dinner tonight. Maybe you can write about your breakfast, lunch or dinner. I also brainstormed a list of places to get pizza in Springfield. We have a lot of choices!

Here is a link to the poem I Like Bugs by Margaret Wise Brown. You need to scroll down to find the poem. lhttp://www.hubbardscupboard.org/i_like_bugs_.html

Jan. 3 - A List of Warm

It is cold today and it is supposed to be very cold on Monday so today I made a list of warm things. I tried to use lots of describing words (adjectives). How many adjectives can you find in my writing?

Jan. 2 - Making Soup

Yesterday, I made Taco Soup for lunch. This writing tells about the process. You can find the recipe for the soup by clicking on the pdf file. I didn't make quite as much, so I adjusted the recipe a little.


This website tells about New Year celebrations around the world. You can learn more about New Year celebrations by reading this book. Remember to surf safely. Don't click on other links without a parent's permission.


This website has a word search puzzle that you can do online. Look for this puzzle.

Jan. 1 - Resolutions

Did you make any resolutions? Resolutions are like promises to do something. We do this at school when we set learning goals for the next quarter. At home, you might set goals like flossing every day, keeping your room clean or not arguing with your brother.


I like how these icicles sparkle in the lights, but I am glad my house is not cold enough for real icicles!


I didn't really count the red leaves on each poinsettia, but they did inspire the math riddle. :)

Dec. 30 - Math Riddles

Today, I wrote a few math riddles. Can you solve them? You might want to try writing some math stories for your winter writing book.

Dec. 29 - Snowflakes Poem

Today, I did a little research on the Internet here and here and here. Then I tried writing this acrostic poem using facts about snow.

Dec. 28 - Number Poem

Happy December 28th! Today, I wrote a number poem. To write a number poem first choose a number. I chose today's date but you can choose any number. Then brainstorm all you know about your number. I made a tiny web on the side of my paper. Then turn those thoughts into sentences and write them down. Try reading your poem aloud.


This is my poem from ReadWriteThink.


My dad gave me some chocolate candy from Pease's Candy for Christmas.

Dec. 27 - Chocolate Diamante Poem

Today I wrote a Diamante poem. You can find out more about how to write a diamond-shaped poem like this at ReadWriteThink.org.

Happy Birthday, Tavorris!


I saw these on a Baltic Sea cruise.

Dec. 26 - Wind Turbines

I was wondering about wind turbines since there is a factory near my sister's house. I did a tiny bit of research at FactMonster.com. This is a safe place for you to do some research if you are wondering about something.

Dec. 25 - Traveling

If you have an Illinois map at your house, you might want to try to find the towns on my trip. Can you use the clues to find out how long it took to get to my sister's house?

Dec. 24 - Oatmeal

Today, I wrote about a hot breakfast. What do you eat for breakfast in the morning? You can find the recipes for slow cooker oatmeal here.

It took two pages for this writing. You can do this a couple of times if you have more to write or you can always add more paper.


This is a picture of the wreath hanging above my fireplace.

Dec. 23 - Wreath

Sometimes, I just write about something I see in the room. Do you ever do that? You might want to give it a try if you are stuck for writing ideas. This is my seventh day of writing! Have you been writing for a whole week, too?


Here are some other holiday books that I have read in the past.

Dec. 22 - Christmas Books

Don't forget to read during winter break! If you would like to listen to the Howard B. Wigglebottom books, you can find them at WeDoListen.com.

Happy Birthday, Makaelah!


This is my poem from the ReadWriteThink website.

Dec. 21 - Icicle Poem

Today I decided to write a poem about icicles since it is raining, freezing and making mini-icicles along my back deck railing. First, I brainstormed poem ideas in the corner of my paper. Then, I wrote ICICLES going down the page with one letter on each line. Next, I used my words and ideas from my word web to write a poem. This ReadWriteThink website might be helpful, too.

Dec. 20 - Working, Working, Working!

Did you remember to write today? You can read about the work I did at school today to get ready for your return in January.

Dec. 19 - Our Winter Party

Our second grade winter party was a little different this year. I could only write about what happened in our room. Did you write about our winter party? I am looking forward to reading about what happened in the other second grade rooms.

Dec. 17 - Snow!

This was our first day of writing. Try to fill the whole page. I wrote about a time I was surprised. Have you ever been surprised?

Here is my winter writing book!

Your winter writing challenge is to write every day over winter break. (If you forget a day, you can always start again.) Don't give up! Try to meet the challenge.