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Attendance counts every day!

Although students only have Zoom sessions twice a week, the other three days will be considered asynchronous (days that Zoom classes are not held), and students will still be expected to sign into their Canvas account to complete the weekly work that is assigned. Attendance will be taken on asynchronous days as well, so students need to be sure that they log into Canvas to complete the assigned work on those days. 

Duolingo- A great site to learn and practice!

This is a great site! You can download the app to your phone as well, and link the computer and phone to practice. There are great activities on this site, and best of all, it is free!!!

Canvas and Zoom!

Info Aug 30 We will be using Zoom to meet as a class on our specified days, and using Canvas for our work. Remember, this is new for everyone. If you need help, ask. If I can't help you, I will do my best

2020-2021 Remote Learning Schedule

Info Aug 28 Spanish 135 & 235 Class Schedule:  Monday: Independant Learning for all Tuesday: Last Name: A-K on

Vocabulary is homework every night!

Info Sep 3 In order to be well prepared, students must learn 10 vocabulary words or phrases a night at a...

Classroom Management

Info Sep 3 The SHS classroom management plan will be followed.

Classroom supplies list

Info Jul 19 70 count spiral notebook, 1 folder, paper, pencil, eraser, blue or black pen (no other colors for homework)

Tips for success...

Info Jul 19 Study your vocab! Have someone give you words in English, you practice spelling them, then saying them in Spanish. Attend class every day! Students with many absences do very poorly in foreign lang

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