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Coach Carter Trailer

Apr 17, 2015 GREAT MOVIE! GREAT MESSAGE! Coach Carter is a movie that is based on the true story of a basketball coach who chose to send the message to his team that academics and integrity are more important than sports especially when it impacts your future.

Pie Throwing at Mrs. Schomburg

Apr 7, 2013 During 3rd quarter Mrs. Schomburg's History classes competed in mastering the state abbreviations and capitals. Ms. Blade's class won the opportunity to throw pies at Mrs. Schomburg AND the treasured Pie Throwing Trophy! We even had the local news team cover it.

The Black Keys on the Piano & the history of Amazing Grace

Nov 29, 2011 Wintley Phipps describes how African American spirituals can all be played from the black keys on the piano.

Haunted Halloween Pumpkins

Oct 15, 2009 Douglas students carved pumpkins to be displayed at the Carillon during the weekend of Oct. 16-17.

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