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HOT and SPICY WORD Resources

Figurative Language

Building your THESIS...

Examples of powerful THESIS statments....

Solar energy is the most efficient form of renewable energy.

Wind power is a superior renewable resource than solar power in much of the Midwest.

The population explosion is causing a irreversible chain of negative environmental reactions.

Americans should eliminate the regular consumption of fast food because the fast food diet leads to preventable and expensive health issues, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

A THESIS is not...

-too BROAD
-too WORDY
-not a FACT or TITLE

RESEARCH TOPIC-Toxins/Processed Food/Meds/Soil/Water


Authentic source of information. See Ms. Wright or Mr. Graves for USERNAME and PASSWORD.

D - Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, & Disposal

Defines rules and regulations of hazardous waste.

D-Statistics on Landfills

Staggering information and statistics regarding garbage and landfills in the U.S.

D-The Environmental Protection Agency

Short read that explains the history and purpose of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding LAWS to protect our environment.

Household chemicals may be killing your pet.

Many common household items and animal medicince could be harmful to you pet.

Toxins are killing animals !

Interesting article on what chemicals/pollutants are killing animals.

Dirtiest places on Earth

Photos of the filthiest places on Earth. Sad and yucky! Read caption of why it is so dirty.

What toxins have you eaten or breathed today?

Lot's of facts regarding toxic food in your system.

The Worlds Cleanest Countries of the World

A list of the top 10 cleanest countries and what they do to keep it clean.

The World's Most Polluted Places in the World.

Amazing photos of the most polluted places in the World.

Toxic effect from having to much stuff.

How we, consumers, are polluting the environment.

Land, Air, and Water Pollution

Informative and impactful video that demostrates the concern of global pollution.

Chemicals to Avoid in the Home

What chemicals/toxins do you have in your home? What can you do to avoid exposure to them?

Household toxins

Article on toxins in the home. How many have you touched, breathed, or eaten.

Are there hidden toxins in your toys, clothing, automobiles? This article explains what is in imports from China

RESEARCH TOPIC- Renewable Resources/Alternative Fuels


Authentic source for information. See Ms. Wright or Mr. Graves for USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Safer nuclear plants?

Interesting article discussing the safety of nuclear plants.


Read the top reasons to switch to alternative fuels.

Alternative Fuel Sources: Fuel Your Own Future

Amazing video exploring the three most effective alternative fuels.

Eight CrAzY Altenative Fuels

Good Morning America's interview discussing alternative fuels.

RESEARCH TOPIC-Urbanization/Population Explosion/Consumerism


Authentic source for information. See Ms. Wright or Mr. Graves for USERNAME and PASSWORD.


A very useful article to read. Explains why are population is rapidly increasing and the effects on our planet.

Photos of what over population is doing to the EARTH.

You can't understand why this is happening around the globe. The photos show living conditions in parts of the world. It is eye-opening and sad.

How to stop population growth.

Interesting facts and article about slowing population growth. Statics of how populaiton is affecting the Earth.

How to raise conscious consermism in kids.

Article explaining what parents can do to teach kids about having too much stuff.

Effects of have too much stuff on the world.

Interesting article spotlighting the effectivness of consumerism (having too much stuff).

Effects of Population

Article on how the population explosion affects the environment and society.


As discussed during class, the Body Paragraphs of your Argumentative Essay (there should be three) must have certain elements included. Please use as a guideline to develop your outline that will support your view on "It's not over, until it's over."

Introduction Paragraph Outline and Example

This outline provides examples and definitions to construct a STRONG INTRODUCTORY paragraph for an Argumentative Essay.

Also included are SIX EASY STEPS to constructing an Argumenative Essay.



Open attachment for notes.


You will need to answer the four questions listed to complete the Formative Writing Assignment. Print out or copy to a Google Doc.

Audio/Video on Kayla Montgomery

Eighteen-year-old Kayla Montgomery from Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, N.C., was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago.

A small act of kindness: Soccer Balls

Charity Ball is a soccer charity that provides, new, quality soccer balls to kids in poverty-stricken communities around the world.

Jack Styles, Teen Activist Extraordinaire

He is consumed with a passion for animal rights and is a committed vegan.

Animal Activist

Elora Malama West is a teen activist who loves animals, and took her love for them to the next level when she began working for animals’ rights at the age of sixteen.


Empowering youth to demand action that ends the climate crisis.

Law requirying healthy menu in fast food chains

Youth impact is evident at this City Council hearing that resulted in the passage of a local law requiring all new fast food chains and restaurants to offer healthy menu options in order to receive a building permit.


He's overseen the recycling of 300,000 pounds of e-waste. He's successfully lobbied the Rhode Island state legislature to ban the dumping of electronics. He's used refurbished computers to create media centers in developing countries like Cameroon and Sri Lanka to foster computer literacy.

GRAVES/Class NOTES (photo)

Use the Notes and note-taking template to answer the FOUR Power Questions. Use link embedded into the notes/template to select ACTIVIST.

Dec. 1-Formative Writing/Note-Taking

View the video and practice note-taking. REMEMBER, on the MAIN ELEMENTS...NOT EVERY detail.

Animal Template and Example
Focus: Imagery, strong verbs

Friday, Nov. 7

Students were asked to write a SELF PORTRAIT POEM. Students created some funny and creative poems that demonstrated a reflection of themselves. Extra Credit for creating a friendly/positive poem about someone else or an object.

Tues., 11/04 NOTES

We began our unit on Poetry. Template is available under RESOURCES for you to print out.

GRAVES/Poetry Template

Use to create poem assigned on Friday, Nov. 14

Use template to create poem assigned on Nov. 4

GRAVES/Language Arts



Fun game to sharpen you ISAT skills!

6th Grade/Word Parts/ISAT Practice

Use QUIZLET link to practice 6th grade Word Parts for ISAT!

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