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Brain Pop The Roaring 20's and The Great Depression

The Jazz Age -1920's

The Unknown Hero of World War I

World War I TEST

World War I Review

WWI Carousel Activities

Computer Games - Trench Warfare and WWI When?


How women's role changed during WWI?


iPad Activity - Trench Warfare


World War I

Mind Mapping the AIR

Tenement Housing during American Industrial Revolution

Word Cloud

The Western Movement

Civil War

Atomic Bomb

End of World War II

Changes in America- Social, Economical, Military, and new Tactics.

Entering WWII--How did America prepare?

Please read the sections:
* Joining the Military
* Salvage for Victory
* Higgins Boats

Paratroopers for D Day


Roaring 20's


Students will use this link to create a word cloud. Words will pertain to our unit of study World War I.


Angel Island

Ellis Island Virtual Tour


You will use the Virtual Tour to experience the process of entering the United States as an immigrant in the early 1900's. There are four resources on each stop to discover the answers to question packet.
Use the following tabs: STORY PHOTO AUDIO or Did you know....

Child Labor Gallery Walk

Child Labor

November 4, 2015   9 photos

Article on Child Labor

AIR Inventions

AIR- Telephone

AIR-Breakfast Cereal

AIR- Photography

AIR- Camera

AIR- Suspension Bridge

AIR- Calculator

AIR- Electronic Fire Alarm

AIR-Denim/Blue Jeans

History of Jeans

Website discusses the history of blue jeans.

Denim/Blue Jeans

Article about blue jeans and the man who invented them.

Native Americans and Westward Expansion

History in Art #1

History has been preserved in paintings as photography, computers, or ipads did not exist in the 1800's. Click on History in Art links to view the following painting and complete the OBSERVATION SHEET.

Please view silently for three minutes and write down thoughts. Time will be given to Turn and Talk with a peer afterwards.

Westward Expansions 1800-1900

Use the link to complete the KEY TERMS for Section 2. Using your text please type in the definitions to the coordinating photo.

Chapter 9 Industrialization


On-line Constitution Study Guide

Here is an AWESOME website that has many activities to help prepare for the Constitution Test in Mrs. Kleinertz's class.