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5Essentials Survey

The 5Essentials Parent, Teacher and Student Surveys are now open.  All surveys are open until February 14, 2020. 

1st Quarter Writing Prompt

The first p.e. assignment has been given out.  The instructions and the due date has been explained to each class.  What is your favorite sport/activity that gets you moving?  Your response must be at least 10 complete sentences in paragraph form.  If you are an Odd day or everyday student your assignment is due on 9-3.  If you are an even day student your assignment id due 9-4.  Please write your response on the paper I provided.

Gym Shoes

Parents please make sure that your student has a decent pair of gym shoes for class. Some of the shoes I have seen are not appropriate for gym. They will be doing a variety of activities and they need a shoe with arch support and a shoe that can handle quick movements. Sperry's, deck shoes, the knock off converses that lace up like boots are not appropriate for gym class. If you have any questions, please email or call me. You can get a decent shoe without paying a lot.

length of shorts

I have received a few emails about the type and length of shorts for my female students. I ask them to wear athletic or basketball shorts because they look nice on everyone, they compliment all body types and they are comfortable! They have been shown how to measure for the proper length and if they are not sure I can help them.

medical exclusions/Suspensions

While on medical exemption you are responsible for one five paragraph paper each week you are out of activities.  Your paper must be about a Health or Physical Education

area. ( ex. Volleyball, Heart Disease)  Each paragraph should consist of at least five complete sentences.  This paper is due Monday of every week.

Classroom/Behavior Management Plan
Welcome Back!

I wanted to take this time to say "Welcome Back" to our returning students and "Welcome to FMS" to those who are new to our family. There are great things in store for your physical education student this school year! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Lesson Plans Sep 30 Click lesson plans to view activities for the full year


Info Aug 23 Students grades will be based on dress, participation, sportsmanship, writing assignments and quizzes.

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