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Lesson Ideas 3/30 - 4/3

1. Choose a workout (Health-related fitness components) and perform from the link below. Perform a different workout each day. 

Choice Workouts Handout

2. Create and Practice ways to improve your Hand-eye Coordination. Examples: use a ball or object that you can dribble, toss and catch, or manipulate and move various ways to challenge your coordination skills.



Lesson Ideas 3/23-3/27

After creating a daily 10 minute Workout Routine - Workout Routine

Try and walk and/or jog for 15-20 minutes

Other ideas you can try to stay active at home include:

         Body weight exercises - try to increase amount you complete each day

         Do a wall-sit for 1, 2, and then 3 minutes

         If you have any WII games/console - break them out and play for a bit 

        Re-arrange your room and/or other household chores that can allow you to actively use muscles


Lesson ideas 3/16-3/20

1. Create a 5 minute warm-up routine and perform the exercises included each day. For example:  Jog in place 1 minute, Alternating toe touches 30 seconds, Curl-ups 30 seconds, Plank hold 30 seconds, Jumping jacks 30 seconds, Arm circle variations 30 seconds, Alternating side/forward lunges 30 seconds, Walking leg lifts 30 seconds, and Push-ups 30 seconds.

2. Interval Train - walk a lap around the block, jog a lap around the block, Sprint a lap around the block - repeat

3. Hand-eye coordination - find a small ball/rolled up socks and practice the following:

   Toss and catch 20 with right hand, left hand, both hands / try toss,clap, and catch / try creating 

    different patterns - right,left,right/left,left,right/use multiple body parts to catch/juggle

4. Flexibility can be improved with consistent stretching. Here are a few exercises to try: Butterfly stretch, sit and reach your toes, lunge variations, hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, hip flexor, and calf stretch. Use computer to search for flexibility stretches you can try!




Lessons 3/9 - 3/13

This week P.E. Objectives:

Warm-up activities will include skill relays, plyo step reaction drills, and strength training 

Indoor games will include baseball, badminton, Nitroball, Indiaca, and soccer

Outdoor games will include baseball/kickball

Discussion Points - Rules and regulations, offensive and defensive strategy


Lessons 3/3 - 3/6

Warm-up/Fitness Activities - Band work, push-up/planks, Agility relays, Walk/Jog Laps

Baseball/Kickball skills practice - baserunning efficiency rules, fielding/communication, position catch

Baseball/Kickball Games - modify rules  (5 outs, Runner on 1st, no bunts, targets-bonus runs)

Introduce Indiaca Game (Hand Badminton) - skills practice / modified game for success

Game - student choice revisits- Hockey / Basketball,  Volleyball / Handball

Lessons 2/24-2/28

This week in P.E. :

Dynamic Stretching warm-up activities and speed training - plyo step relays

Cooperative/Tag games - Scarf grab, Poison Ball, Noodle Tag

Baseball/Kickball Game variations - Tennis baseball/Frisbee baseball/Lacrosse baseball

Baseball/kickball skills practice - Partner fielding, throwing, and receiving drills

Review open gym expectations

Lesson Plans 2/17-2/21

This week we will begin our kickball/baseball unit with the following activities.

1. Skills practice - rolling, underhand/overhand throwing, catching/fielding

2. Kicking/Hitting technique

3. Indoor kickball and baseball games

4. Review/discuss rules and general strategies

Warm-up/Fitness activities will include the following:

1. Upperbody - arm and shoulder stretching / Plyo steps - acceleration/speed exercises

2. Hand-eye coordination exercises with tennis balls

3. Tag games with Omnikin balls

Supplemental activities - Game choices / Open gym skills practice

Lesson Plans 2/10 - 2/14

Warm-up Activities - Resistance Bands and Laps, Bodyweight exercises, Relays

Handball Ladder Tournament

Cooperative Games - Omnikin Handball / Scooter Handball / Omnikin Football

Gameday - 1. Soccer / Volleyball / Eclipse ball / Nitroball / Hockey / Basketball

Hockey/Handball Quiz

Lesson Plans 2/3 - 2/7

Warm-up Activities - 1. Handweight Circuit 2. Dynamic Stretching 3. Laps-Jogging

Fitness / Cooperative Games - 1. Gator Tag 2. Spiderball 3. Hornet Tag

Handball Unit Activities - 1. Multi-goal/Multi-ball Game 2. Pin Handball 3. Handball Games 4. Coneball

Introduce/Review Handball Strategy, Terms, and Concepts

Lesson Plans 1/27-2/1

Take Survey - My SAEBERS

Throwing/Receiving Practice

Introduce Handball Unit  - terms, rules, strategy

Lesson Plans 1/21-1/24

This week in P.E.


Fitnessgram results will determine warm-up routine for each class - Timed jog, Planks, Ab crunches, jump ropes, and resistance bands

Hockey activities will include Tournament, Skills assessments, Hand hockey, and Full Court games

Review Hockey Study Guide, rules, and regulations


Lessons 1/13 - 1/17

We will wrap up mid-year fitness testing this week.

Hockey unit activities will include pin hockey, passing for accuracy challenges, multi-goal hockey games, and full-court regulation games.

Hockey strategies will include proper positioning, efficient movement patterns, and defensive/offensive formations.

Fitness and lead-up games will include small space tag and skill games 

Semester 2- Week 1 (1/3 - 1/10)

Welcome back from Holiday Break! 

Re-assign squads - Take Attendance

Review and establish expectations and routines in P.E. classes - BBSS,  Grading, etc...

Introduce Hockey Unit - Stick safety, Puck control, Passing (Relays and Challenges)

Lead-up hockeyactivities- "Hocker", "Gotcha", "Multi-puck" games.

Review and practice Fitnessgram Protocols

Teambuilding - Relays, challenges, tag games

Lesson 18 - 12/16 - 12/20

Badminton skills and rules review and Post-test

Badminton lead-up games - King of the court, Ellimination, 4 square, Aerial tennis

Badminton Games / Tournament

Team Paddle Eclipse ball games

Week 17 - 12/9 - 12/13

Warm-up/Fitness activities - Jump ropes, Resistance Bands, Bodyweight exercises, PACER practice

Badminton Activities - 1. Hand-eye coordination challenges with rackets and paddles

                                   2. Partner Serving practice

                                   3. Types of shots practice - drop, clear, smash, drive

                                   4.  Rules discussion and modified games

                                   5. Regulation badminton games

Net games  - Volleyball, Paddle Badminton, Newcombe, Multi-bounce v-ball

Week 16 12/2-12/6

Warm-up/Fitness Activities - PACER practice, Dynamic stretching, "Poison Ball"

Volleyball unit review

Volleyball activities - Regulation games, 1 bounce-game, "Newcombe"

Introduction to Badminton - Badminton Unit - Pre-assessment

Badminton activities - Grip, Racket safety, Hand-eye coordination challenges, partner practice.

Week 15 - 11/25 - 11/29

This week in P.E.

1. Warm-up/Fitness activities will include stations that are associated with the health-related components of fitness (Bands, Ropes, Agility jumps, and Running)

2. Volleyball Skills practice stations - balloons, beachballs, and volleyballs - bump/set/serve/dig

3. Lead-up games will include - Newcomb, King of the Court, 3 Bounces, "21" passing, Rope V-ball

4. Volleyball Unit review - study guide/Kahoot

5. Modified volleyball games / regulation volleyball games

Week 14 - 11/18 - 11/22

Volleyball Unit Activities:

Bodyweight exercises and endurance running

Individual/partner skills practice - forearm passing, overhead passing, serving

Lead-up games - 4 square volleyball , group volley challenges, Newcomb

Discuss rules / rotations / regulations

Volleyball regulation games

Week 13 Lessons

This week we will begin a Volleyball Unit.

Fitness activities will include sprints/PACER practice, Plank and Push-up variations, and a Circuit

Lead-up volleyball activities will include - individual skills challenges, Passing 21, Newcomb, Volley tennis

Cooperative games - Omnikin volley challenges, Volley tag games

Introduce volleyball rules/skills/concepts/vocabulary

Week 12 Lessons

We will conclude our basketball unit this week.

Basketball review and quiz

Basketball games - full-court and 1/2 court

Lead-up activities - scooter basketball / omnikin basketball / Momentum / Pass only

Fitness activities - Jump rope challenges / Laps and Bands / Dynamic stretches

Cooperative games - "Spiderball Tag", Modified dodgeball game, Omnikin volley Challenges

2nd quarter week 11 Lessons

This week we will continue our basketball unit

Warm-up activities will include line touch sprints, shuffles, agility dribble challenges,and endurance runs

Passing activities will include no dribble (pass only) basketball, box passing groups, and pass relays

Shooting activities will include free throw contest, lay-ups, knockout, hot shot blitz, and "PIG"

Basketball games will include 1/2 court and full court games, 21, and Omnikin basketball

Outdoor activities will include blacktop basketball gams and other playground game options

2nd Quarter Week 10 Lessons


Review grading procedures and behavior expectations

 Basketball Unit Activities

           Dribbling, passing, and shooting relays

          Lead-up games - knockout, 21, 5 passes, small-sided games

Week 9 Lesson Plans

This week in P.E.

1. Speedball/Flickerball Review and Quiz - 10 points

2. Warm-up/Fitness activities - Balance challenges/activities, Rope climb, Tug-o-war

3. Capture the Flag / Join the rope tag / 5 passes - Cooperative games

4. Outside Activities - Baseball, Speedball, Lacrosse, Ultimate Football/Frisbee

5. Indoor Activities - Intro to basketball, 3 game rotation, "Momentum"



Week 8 Lessons

This week in P..E.:

Warm-up/Fitness Activities- Exercise intervals, dynamic stretching, resistance bands, jump ropes

Flickerball Game variations

Speedball Game variations 

Introduce Ultimate frisbee/football

Week 7 Lessons

P.E. this week:

1. Warm-up/Fitness activities - Long rope jumping, Resistance bands, Progressive distance runs

2. Flickerball games - small-sided, indoor/outdoor, modified

3. Introduce Speedball - rules, strategy, procedures

4. Indoor Kickball

5. Cooperative games - Football- 5 passes, tag variations, Hula hoop competition

Week 6 Lesson Plans

This week in P.E.

Warm-up/Fitness: Timed Run, Bodyweight exercises, Jump ropes

Football activities: 4 down Football, Flag Football, Ultimate Football, 2 hand touch Football

Introduce Flickerball Rules and Regulations

Indoor/outdoor kickball

Week 5 Lessons

This week in P.E.:

1. We will take the Soccer Unit Test (Online testing)

2. Fitness warm-up - Weightlifting (handweights). Upper body routine/circuit combined with dynamic routine

3. Introductory football activities: Throwing/receiving/kick-offs/punting

4. Football lead-up activities - Flag/Scarf grab games, 4 down - run only football, 4 down - pass only football

5. Kickball games - Outdoor and Indoor


Week 4 Lessons

Plans for this week:

Warm-up/Fitness station variety - Agility, strength, endurance (ropes, bands, ladders, laps)

Soccer review - Study Guide / Kahoot

Soccer Ladder Tournament / Regulation Games

Throwing/Catching practice - variety of equipment (yarnballs/beanbags/footballs/frisbees)

Kickball and Football Introductory games

Week 3 Lessons

This week's objectives:

Finish Fitnessgram Pre-Testing - PACER/PUSH-UPS/CURL-UPS

Warm-up activities will include dynamic stretching routine and agility ladders

Cooperative/Fitness games - Omnikin ball tag games and exercise tag games

Soccer rules, concepts, and strategy review

Soccer lead-up activities - dribble take-away, 5 passes, Multi-ball soccer, World Cup-elimination

Soccer - skills practice and regulation games

Week 2 Lessons

This week we plan to accomplish the following:

Introduce soccer unit - Pre-test soccer knowledge

Soccer skills practice - dribbling, passing, shooting, positioning through various activities.

Soccer rules, strategy, and concepts discussion

Small-sided soccer games - (3 v 3, 4 v 4)

Introduce and Complete LMS Fitnessgram Pre-tests (PACER, Push-ups, Curl-ups)

Week 1 Lessons

During week 1 we plan to accomplish the following:

Assign rows/squads for attendance

Discuss/review class and school-wide expectations

Discuss/review emergency procedures and protocols

Discuss/review grading, attendance, medical, and other pertinent class procedures

Outline and practice daily class routines through movement activities

Activities will include dynamic stretching routine, spatial awareness tag games, hand and eye-coordination activities, team-building/cooperative challenges, and introductory soccer unit skills practice.


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