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10 Ways To Be Successful in P.E. Classes

August 25, 2019

How to be successful in P.E.

1. Wear safe athletic shoes for physical activity. It is a requirement in class. Students will lose 5 daily points for the first 3 offenses and 10 points every time thereafter.

2. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for physical activity and weather. Students may be outside when temperatures are between 40-95 degrees. Students may need to perform physical activities while standing, sitting, and lying down both inside and out.

3. Try your best. Apply effort to all activities to the best of your ability. Participate with a positive attitude.

4. Use P.E. equipment for its intended purpose. Take care of it as if it were your own. Be safe and lookout for the well-being of self and others.

5. Stay hydrated and try to use restroom before or after class. Students can bring in own water bottles. Restroom and drink privileges will be provided unless privilege is being overused.

6. Follow directions. Listen during instruction, play by the rules, and follow class procedures.

7. Medical notes for injuries/illnesses will be honored if parent and/or physician outline specific nature of injury/illness and time frame for return.

8. No gum, candy, personal electronics, or other items that can distract from our learning and health-driven environment will be allowed in class.

9. Have fun! Let’s work together to achieve positive experiences and outcomes in class. Communicate any problems/issues with teacher. 

10. Be responsible. Check grades, complete and return absent assignments, and use study guides provided on my website to prepare for unit quizzes/tests. Be prepared and on time to class