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How To Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship

August 25, 2019

Good sportsmanship is a key component of success in sports, games, and other aspects of our lives.. Respect is a word often linked to sportsmanship. Here are some ways you can show good sportsmanship:

1. Put team goals ahead of your own. Be selfless, not selfish

2. Pick up your teammates when they fail. We all make mistakes!

3. Respect the game. Learn and understand all of the rules

4. Always try your best! Effort is noticed by teammates

5. Take care of equipment. The equipment and other students appreciate it!

6. Lose with dignity - keep your head up - It's a learning experience - Acknowledge winner

7. Win with humility - Show empathy - Celebrate with grace - Acknowledge opponent

8. The Golden Rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated.