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Physical Science Login

I have your user name and password to login. I will email them to you. If you haven't received an e-mail from me, please e-mail me at brscheff@sps186.org

Biology and Earth Science logins

User name: your lunch pin

Password: p12345


If you have a problem logging in, please e-mail me and I will try to help you.


Remote Learning

Please click your Cumulative Folder, click Grades, then click Lesson Plans to find your assignments. We will be using the online versions of the textbook for your particular class. When you complete an assignment, e-mail me the answers.


My e-mail is: brscheff@sps186.org

Class schedule

1st hour- Earth Science

2nd hour- Prep

3rd hour- Earth Science 

4th hour- Biology Inclusion

5th hour- Biology

6th hour- Biology

7th hour- Physical Science

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