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What on earth does Mrs. Butterfield do?

November 13, 2017

This year at Black Hawk I will continue to do classroom lessons every other week, until after our SAEBRS screening data is available.  At that point, my schedule may change based on the social and emotional needs of the building.  I have arranged my schedule a bit differently so I will have more time to meet with small groups or individual students on a more consistent basis.  Black Hawk will be continuing as a MOSAIC school this year. That means we will have a therapist on site several days a week to provide mental health services to kids right here in the building! More info to come about the MOSAIC Project. I am a part of the Student Support Services team as well. If you student has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), you may see me at those meetings. I also provide social work services to any students whose IEP dictates it. In addition to those big jobs, I am part of the new Braided Behavior Support Systems team. We are working to provide students with the behavioral support they need to be successful in school. Most of the changes will go unnoticed by visitors to the building but staff is working diligently to change communication with students so that we have more positive interactions with them.